Annual membership: £50.00

Membership of CoPPA is dealt with by the CoPPA executive committee. Whilst subscriptions are paid to the national group your membership includes all regional attendance and attendance at any seminar from other regions amongst other benefits.

We are a fused group of practitioners across health and welfare and property and affairs to ensure that we raise the knowledge base of each field as to the practice, law and policy issues for the other. We provide education programmes for mental health and mental capacity professionals with the aim of contributing to the maintenance of, and raising the standards of, the work done on behalf of the mentally incapacitated young people and adults in our society. Our membership includes social workers, experts, medical practitioners, mental health treating clinicians,  solicitors, barristers, financial deputies, IMCAs, other advocates.

Membership Benefits

Free seminars usually a minimum of 1.5hours CPD on at least 4 occasions a year in each region

Invitations to free Socials on usually 2 occasions a year to network with the multi-disciplinary membership and guest speakers (including local judiciary)

Reduced price access and priority booking at national day conference (this will rotate annually around the region's and each regional committee will be invited to organise it when it is in their area)

Soon we will have booking facilities for all of the above via the website

Representation on the ad hoc Rules Committee and an opportunity to feed into the consultation and development of the Rules at an early stage

Representation at the COP court users meeting held at RCJ and minutes circulated to members. Issues raised on your behalf with the cloak of anonymity that comes with having the association raise an issue

Responding to Consultation papers and matters of importance to COP professionals - again you may feed into these with anecdotal information under a cloak of anonymity i.e. Our social work members have identified the following limitations on their ability to work effectively in.

A LinkedIn and twitter forum to exchange views and queries

Working closely with the judiciary on your behalf to improve practice locally and nationally

Representation on local COP court users groups and a conduit to raise issues affecting practice locally

Free attendance at and notification of seminars held nationally by other regions if you are in the area or the subject attracts your attention

Opportunities for networking with multi-disciplinary professionals engaged in mental health and mental capacity specialities including the legal profession and judiciary of the Court of Protection (many of whom are invited as guests and/or speakers to our events).

Pricing Structure

Conference Cost: Manchester 2018 £100 for CoPPA members; £120 for non-CoPPA members

Seminars: Free for members; £10 for non-members 




1. Membership in CoPPA is organised through the National CoPPA committee.  Membership fees are paid to national CoPPA, rather than the regions, and there is no separate fee for regional membership.

 2. All CoPPA members will be placed on the National CoPPA mailing list, and receive information about the annual conference, seminars, events and other information provided at the discretion of the national CoPPA committee.

 3. Each region is to maintain its own electronic mailing list of individuals who wish to receive information about seminars, events and other information provided at the discretion of the regional CoPPA committee. These mailing lists may include members and non-members.

 4. CoPPA members may be on the mailing lists of any regional committee they join.


 5. CoPPA members must pay an annual fee to National CoPPA to gain or retain membership. If the fee is not paid annually, membership status will end.

 Benefits of membership

 6. CoPPA members will not be charged a fee for attendance at seminars organised by regional committees. Members may attend seminars in any region that they wish.

 7. Each regional committee is expected to host at least 4 seminars each year, including at least two seminars which should focus on issues relating to Health and Welfare and at least two of which should focus on issues relating to Property and Affairs.

 8. CoPPA members are charged a reduced fee for attendance at the annual CoPPA conference.

 Terms of membership

 9. CoPPA does not maintain a register of CoPPA members for public inspection. CoPPA does not provide information to third parties on the status of CoPPA members.

 10. Membership in CoPPA is open to a variety of practitioners with an interest in the Court of Protection. CoPPA does not undertake any investigation of the stated professional qualifications of prospective or current members. CoPPA is not a professional regulator or licencing body, and membership does not indicate any certification or endorsement of the member’s practice or views by CoPPA.

 11. CoPPA cannot assist in the resolution of complaints made about the professional practice or conduct of any member. Any complaints about a member’s professional practice or conduct should be addressed with the relevant business organisation or regulatory body with which the member is affiliated.

 12. Members are not allowed to use the CoPPA logo in their personal electronic mail communications, unless specifically undertaking communications on behalf of CoPPA.


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